Wanting Qu Vancouver’s new tourism ambassador to China

How often do you have the opportunity to meet a superstar? And would you even recognize her?

This happened to me last week, as I was interning at GlobalBC. I was asked to accompany Global Mandarin reporter Frank Qi to a press conference. We were going to meet Vancouver’s new tourism ambassador to China, a Vancouver-based Chinese singer superstar named Wanting Qu. Both Qi and I had never heard of her before.

Wanting Qu (left) in an interview with Frank Qi

Wanting Qu (left) in an interview with Frank Qi. Photo: Katja De Bock

As interns often have to come up with their own assignments, I decided to live tweet from the event. I expected a packed crowd of fans surrounding the building, but I was surprised to see only  one Global TV car standing in front of the Granville Island hotel.

As it turned out, our team was one of few selected media invited to meet the singer. We asked Stephen Pearce, Tourism Vancouver spokesman, what is the City’s plan with Qu. Continue reading