TulipTV (produced in Vancouver, B.C.) is an infotainment TV program showcasing the best of what the Netherlands and Belgium have to offer the world, such as green technologies, innovative industries and cultural avant-garde.

The show focuses on cultural and social highlights in the local Dutch and Flemish communities, and on achievements and innovations by Dutch entrepreneurs, artists and scientists. Most of the show’s items center around sustainability, innovation and culture.

TulipTV is broadcast on Shaw Multicultural Channel, every Saturday at 3:30PM and Sunday on 6:30AM. The show is also available online here.

As a creative producer for AbcoFilmCorp, I was involved in the creation of TulipTV and served occasionally as a host and reporter in the first 12 episodes. Apart from researching, reporting and producing, I also blogged about Dutch-related topics, a selection of which can be found here:

Water: friend and foe – a Dutch-Canadian seminar
on Flood Management and Mitigation
 May 23, 2012

It’s a waste to waste waste – Seminar by Dutch CG
in anticipation of Globe 2012 conference
 April 5, 2012

Two Countries – One Spirit
A Dutch-Canadian Sustainable Building Network
 April 5, 2012

Pink Ribbons, Inc.
A Canadian documentary reflecting breast cancer culture
 February 2, 2012

TulipTV’s Dutch Doxa tips (incl. interview with filmmaker Carine Bijlsma) April 30, 2012

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