Faces of BC Film

***This series was originally created as a feature length article at Langara College’s journalism department. The series intended to showcase the faces of some of B.C.’s film industry workers who were affected by the 2012-2013 decline in jobs. Some of them were involved in the #SaveBCFilm movement, others are relocating or reinventing themselves professionally. But all are passionate film lovers, and great people.

After the industry picked up again as of the summer 2013, I continued to tell stories of people, events and issues in the BC film industry and sometimes beyond. Some of my stories were first published in or re-purposed for other publications such as Reel West Magazine, Kerrisdale Playbook, Canadian Cinematographer Magazine and the Vancouver Women in Film and Television blog.***

"Grab a book, and keep watching movies," is van den Bos' main advice to aspiring film experts. Photo: Katja De Bock

“Grab a book, and keep watching movies,” is van den Bos’ main advice to aspiring film experts. Photo: Katja De Bock

I started working as a communications coordinator for Women in Film & Television Vancouver and as an e-news editor at Reel West Magazine in the summer of 2014. You will find most of my new blogs, profiles and articles on the websites wiftv.wordpress.com and reelwest.com/news.

13. Kelly Ann Benz’ menopause comedy Naked Night Bike premieres on IndieFlix.

12. Maja Aro, BC’s only nominee at the 2014 Taurus World Stunt Award (for WIFTV)

11. Suzette Laqua and the inaugural Vancouver Web Fest

10. Karen Lam  – Vanishing in Vancouver: A female Horror Film Opens the Women in Film Festival  (for Kerrisdale Playbook)

9. Behind the bright façade – an African ménage à trois in Marie Kâ‘s L’Autre Femme (for WIFTV)

8. Remembering the Homelands – Lisa Jackson‘s How A People Live (for WIFTV)

7. Michael van den Bos, film history teacher, film critic and classic movie host

6. Braden Haggerty, underwater cinematographer

Alvin Sanders. Photo: Katja De Bock

Alvin Sanders. Photo: Katja De Bock

5. Alvin Sanders, Actor

4. Mykel Thuncher, film colourist

3. Manjit Bains, independent filmmaker

2. Louisa Phung, insurance broker and filmmaker

1. Lisa Bunting, Actor

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