Rick Peterson bids for leadership of BC Conservative Party

From left: BC Conservative politicians Bill Clarke, Rick Peterson, Sean Upshaw. Photo: Katja De Bock

From left: BC Conservative politicians Bill Clarke, Rick Peterson, Sean Upshaw at the press conference in Vancouver on September 23, 2013. Photo: Katja De Bock

Surrounded by his supporters, former Vancouver-Quilchena candidate Rick Peterson, 59, announced his bid for the leadership of the BC Conservative Party at Terminal City Club today.

Peterson, a Vancouver business man and former BC Liberal, who was in the running as a candidate for the BC provincial elections in 2012, before opting out and passing the torch to veteran politician Bill Clarke, said Continue reading

German TV movie Deployment nominated for Banff Rockie Award – film criticizes ISAF mission in north Afghanistan

German soldiers enter the Afghan village of Milanh in the MOW Deployment. Photo courtesy of WDR/ARD

German soldiers enter the fictional Afghan village of Milanh in the MOW Deployment. Photo courtesy of WDR/ARD

Canadians embraced the popular series Combat Hospital, shown on Global TV in 2011. Unfortunately, the show about a military hospital in Kabul, which averaged 1.5 million viewers per week, was cancelled after only one season, much to the chagrin of the fans.

Deployment (Auslandseinsatz, Germany 2012), nominated for a Rockie Award at the upcoming Banff World Media Festival, is the first German TV movie to deal with soldiers on the ground in Afghanistan. Continue reading

Vancouver-Quilchena’s final results confirm BC Liberal victory

***Update – On June 7, 2013, Christy Clark announced the new Technology, Innovation and Citizens’ Services minister will be Andrew Wilkinson, the Vancouver-Quilchena MLA.***

With the final count concluded this afternoon, the results for Vancouver-Quilchena in the BC provincial elections 2013 are as follows:

-Andrew Wilkinson / BC Liberals: 14,496 votes, 64.32%
-Nicholas Scapillati / BC NDP: 5,705 votes, 25.31%
-Damian Kettlewell / BC Green Party: 1,667 votes, 7.40%
-Bill Clarke / BC Conservatives: 671 votes, 2.98%

22,539 people out of 37,501 registered voters went to the polls in Quilchena, which corresponds to a turnout of 60.1 %.
The turnout in B.C. is estimated to be 57.8 %. Continue reading

Bill Clarke meets Franz Kafka: Vancouver campaign chair

Bill Clarke. Photo: courtesy of BC Conservative Party

Bill Clarke. Photo: courtesy of BC Conservative Party

*** updated with Elections BC reply***

As the BC provincial elections are only a day away, one of Quilchena’s candidates will go to bed tonight with a form of not-so-mild chagrin.

Dear readers, I am currently traveling in Europe, but I received an email in my inbox I wanted to share with you. I already mentioned in my profile of BC Conservative candidate Bill Clarke that he and his team were planning legal actions against Elections BC, as a clerical error resulted in Clarke’s name to appear on the ballot.

It looks like their fight was tilting at windmills. Don Main, communications manager of Elections BC, confirmed:
“The BC Conservative party did not include Bill Clarke’s name on the List of Candidate Endorsements submitted to Elections BC by the close of nominations.  His name will be on the ballot with no party affiliation.”

Below is a reproduction of the letter by Rick Peterson, campaign manager, about his view on the situation.

Meanwhile, I wish all Quilchena residents and candidates a fair and well-attended election day.

Katja De Bock  Continue reading

Meet Andrew Wilkinson, BC Liberals candidate in Vancouver-Quilchena

Andrew Wilkinson. Photo: BC Liberal Party

Andrew Wilkinson. Photo: BC Liberal Party

Meeting Andrew Wilkinson can be intimidating. The BC Liberals candidate for Vancouver-Quilchena is a tall man in his early fifties, looking like a self-confident leader in spite of his boyish freckles. Moreover, Wilkinson is a political heavyweight, a former deputy minister and party president. Oh, and did I mention he is also a medical doctor and a lawyer?

On the podium, Wilkinson is a polite gentleman and eloquent speaker. And he is competitive.

“Can we turn up the lights?” is the first thing Wilkinson says when Continue reading

Meet Bill Clarke, Vancouver-Quilchena’s Conservative candidate

Bill Clarke reads the newspaper shortly before the all-candidates debate at Magee Secondary on April 30, 2013. Photo: Katja De Bock

Bill Clarke reads the newspaper shortly before the all-candidates debate at Magee Secondary on April 30, 2013. Photo: Katja De Bock

When I enter Magee Secondary School on Tuesday morning, half an hour before the all-candidates debate starts, the theatre is still nearly empty. Bill Clarke is sitting on the stage by himself, reading a newspaper article about Monday’s party leaders’ television debate.

When I ask him for an impromptu interview, he agrees friendly and relaxed, and we get right at it.  Continue reading

Magee Secondary School’s all-candidates debate

If you think our youth are not interested in politics, think again. Over five hundred students filled the theatre at Magee Secondary School this morning. They came to listen to the all-candidates debate by Vancouver-Quilchena politicians. 

The candidates included Andrew Wilkinson of the BC Liberals, a medical doctor and lawyer who is lucky enough to inherit the Liberal stronghold riding. Matt Toner, BC NDP candidate for Vancouver-False Creek filled in for Nicholas Scapillati, who was double booked. Damian Kettlewell, a third-time candidate, brought strong arguments for the BC Green Party. And four-time MP Bill Clarke represented the BC Conservatives.  Continue reading