Unsolved Wendy Ladner-Beaudry murder moves to RCMP Major Crime Section

Pacific Spirit Park at the corner of SW Marine Drive and Camoson St., a few hours before the press conference on April 3, 2014.

Pacific Spirit Park at the corner of SW Marine Drive and Camosun St., a few hours before the press conference on April 3, 2014.

This week marked five years since local resident Wendy Ladner-Beaudry, 53, was found murdered in Pacific Spirit Park. In spite of five years of investigation, the IHIT team have so far found no suspect, and no motive, said IHIT spokeswoman Jennifer Pound, as the RCMP and the family conducted their annual press conference last Wednesday. Continue reading

Vancouver-Quilchena’s final results confirm BC Liberal victory

***Update – On June 7, 2013, Christy Clark announced the new Technology, Innovation and Citizens’ Services minister will be Andrew Wilkinson, the Vancouver-Quilchena MLA.***

With the final count concluded this afternoon, the results for Vancouver-Quilchena in the BC provincial elections 2013 are as follows:

-Andrew Wilkinson / BC Liberals: 14,496 votes, 64.32%
-Nicholas Scapillati / BC NDP: 5,705 votes, 25.31%
-Damian Kettlewell / BC Green Party: 1,667 votes, 7.40%
-Bill Clarke / BC Conservatives: 671 votes, 2.98%

22,539 people out of 37,501 registered voters went to the polls in Quilchena, which corresponds to a turnout of 60.1 %.
The turnout in B.C. is estimated to be 57.8 %. Continue reading

Meet Andrew Wilkinson, BC Liberals candidate in Vancouver-Quilchena

Andrew Wilkinson. Photo: BC Liberal Party

Andrew Wilkinson. Photo: BC Liberal Party

Meeting Andrew Wilkinson can be intimidating. The BC Liberals candidate for Vancouver-Quilchena is a tall man in his early fifties, looking like a self-confident leader in spite of his boyish freckles. Moreover, Wilkinson is a political heavyweight, a former deputy minister and party president. Oh, and did I mention he is also a medical doctor and a lawyer?

On the podium, Wilkinson is a polite gentleman and eloquent speaker. And he is competitive.

“Can we turn up the lights?” is the first thing Wilkinson says when Continue reading

Meet Nicholas Scapillati, Vancouver-Quilchena’s NDP candidate for the 2013 provincial election

Vancouver-Quilchena's NDP-team. From left: Michael Kushnir, Andrew Wilkinson, Kas Shield

Vancouver-Quilchena’s NDP-team. From left: Michael Kushnir, Nicholas Scapillati, Kas Shield. Photo: Katja De Bock

Kerrisdale Village enjoys a new colour on the main shopping block–orange.

When I enter the new NDP office in the former Thomas Hobbs gift store on 41st Avenue at West Boulevard, I am greeted by the candidate Nicholas Scapillati, his wife Kas Shield, who works as the candidate scheduler and event coordinator, and Michael Kushnir, the campaign manager, who, interestingly, looks like a young Thomas Mulcair. Continue reading

Pacific Spirit Park society to discuss Musqueam Block F development

The Pacific Spirit Park society will discuss suggestions for the owners and developers of the contested Block F on the University Endowment Lands on Wednesday.

Block F at University Blvd.

Block F at University Blvd.

The 22-acres parcel known as Block F was returned to Musqueam in 2008 as part of a larger agreement between the Musqueam Band and the Province of British Columbia. The band decided to develop the parcel, which borders on Acadia Road and University Boulevard. It hired the planning company Colliers International, and has held two open houses so far. All three site planning options presented on Feb. 6 contained a dense neighbourhood with townhouses, high rises, retail and a 120-bed hotel. The plans include three acres of mature conifer trees and wetlands. Continue reading

Few people come to Musqueam Block F development open house

Musqueam spokesman Wade Grant at the open house on Feb. 6, 2013

Musqueam spokesman Wade Grant at the open house on Feb. 6, 2013

When I visited the open house of the “Block F” development at the University Golf Club between 6 and 7 p.m. today, only a few dozen people faced the rain and came out to look at the new proposals on display. Continue reading